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[EAE Add-ons] Thread preview widget 1.2.0 — скачать бесплатно

Опубликовано 5-02-2021, 14:23

Это дополнение добавляет виджет, который будет отображать новые темы или темы с новыми сообщениями на новой странице. Список тем отображается в формате статьи и может быть настроен для отображения над содержимым страницы или ниже. На выбранном узле который будет использоваться в качестве страницы должен быть установлен флажок Расширенный режим.

Полное описание на английском

This add-on adds a widget that will display new threads, or threads with new posts, within an admin selected Page node. The list of threads are displayed in article format and can be set to be displayed above the Page node content, or below. The Page node selected should have the option Advanced mode checked.

This add-on inserts two new widget positions: [EAE] Page view: Above content, and [EAE] Page view: Below content, which can be utilised by other widgets.

Widget options:

Maximum entries: The maximum number of threads to display. Defaulted to 9. If you change this value then it should be in increments of four from the default value, i.e. 5, 13, 17, etc
Display style: is set to Full, and cannot be changed as it is required to list the threads in article preview format
Display on this Page only: The Page node URL portion set in the node options. If left blank, this widget will be displayed within all Page nodes. It is defaulted to page-url-portion on install so the widget does not display any threads until you have set the widget options
Forum limit: Select the forums you want this widget to pull threads from. The forums selected should have only threads that are viewable by all
Display: Latest posts or Latest threads. Defaulted to Latest posts on install (threads with most recent replies are listed first)
Order by: Last post date or Thread date (thread creation date). Defaulted to Last post date on install. If Last post date is selected a force index is added to the query
Date limit: Defaulted to none on install. If you have a large forum it is recommended to select a number of days that threads have been created in, or the last reply was made within

Permissions: none, as this widget was designed to be used as a landing page, or as a node that lists recent threads/recently replied to threads in article preview format viewable to all.


if the first post of a thread contains images, the first image found is used as a cover
if you choose to display the threads latest post, the upper portion of the preview displays the relevant thread info, and the bottom of the post contains the posters info
if you give the widget a title, the title is displayed above the thread preview list in a filter type block format
Phrases: public phrases are prefixed with eae_tpvwg_

Демонстрация как это выглядит.

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